Sunday, June 12, 2005

Inaugaration-College Pics

Hey people,
My long-awaited dream has come true!!I HAVE A PHOTOBLOG!! yeah, it feels great to have a photoblog, and to feel this ecstasy you need to have a photo blog as well.
Here I'm posting some of the college pics just for a start...and lot more to come!

Image hosted by
Sports Complex in evening

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Nightmarish memories of MCS lab
March 14'2005 Group-I

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F and G wing; Jan 16 2005 1534 hrs

Image hosted by
Panoramic view of A and D wing!

All the pictures taken by me have been greatly influenced by nostalgic mindset... so I've emotions attached with all the pics!
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shikha said...

hey ... A , D , F and G wing???what r they?...ur hostel..oh branches...or what??..*confused*...btw nice n clean college!!..:)

Naresh said...

mkng our clg famous! :P
nice photos... me wtng 4 all those in ur mob 2 b uploaded! these r thnx 2 da mob rt!

Bhavesh said...

good work amod!!! college ko famous bana de!

Enchantress said...

:D whr r u in these snaps... u don't believe itz me! :o so mean...

Amod said...

@shikha-these are hostel wings, stupid!
@naresh,bhavesh-yaaa!our coll really neeeds to b famous b4 v graduate!
@enchantress-u were cute really, and I'm not going 2 post my pics in this blog.

Anand said...

great pics...
i remember i was going mad over the circuits and u being my lab partner were more more intrested in taking pics...finally they manged to be in your blogspace.

untapped said...

nice coll but which one?

dk said...

is that me in the sports complex pic....
amazing memories yaar