Monday, June 13, 2005

City where I live

Gandhinagar, a city with unrelenting silence, sufficiently wide and clean roads, trees, trees and more trees has been a safe haven for me since last three years. This place has not changed a bit in last three years, and I think even 20 years down the line it will be more or less the same. What say DA-IICTians???
Ahmedabad, 25 kms away from Gandhinagar is the place where we generally hop around.

College road- towards Shreyashram

Uttarayan 2005

Looks like a city???

Sector 2, Gandhinagar

Sector 2

May 3 2005

Just outside SVP Airport, Ahmedabad

Movies place

Fun Republic


Divya Sagar said...

Hey thanks for the link. Real nice pics :) and thanks for being so concerned! but all i managed to see of u in a lil portion of ur finger which accidently got in the way! how bout posting some pics of u n ur buddies?

Smartalec said...

oye! i noticed ur finger too! sheesh! can't even take a friggin pic! hopeless!
as for gandhinagar, always gonna remain THE green city with loads of trees and zilch as far as pretty girls r concerned:D

heylady said...

hey hi saw you on my blog ...and sorry about gandhinagar looks like quite a dead place to me..:-(but well this worlds quite a big place no dearth of cities alive n kicking!

shikha said...

hey...nice pics!!...:)

Moron said...

hey great pics dude.
keep posting more..

Vivek Pabari said...

Wonderful Pics. Reminds me of several beautiful moments.

| Ep/ID | said...

nice pics. But dont say anythng abt my Gandhinagar :)

janak said...

i lived in g'nagar for almost 10+ years..
now i m in mumbai..and it feels like hell..
its luxury to have that wide roads..
big space in resident area to play..
trees trees and more tress..