Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day and Night




Hi Tech City, Hyderabad
A view from my 5th floor office..

Day or Night, what do you like?


paranoic said...

hi chuchu, nice pics man...are those pictures taken by you? Seriously gj...aur upload karna..

[Amod] said...

Yeah, all pics taken by me and only slightly modified using picasa.

I revived my photoblog after 3.5 years. I feel so happy about it. :-)

Gururaj said...

day and night. i hate the lights and metal and work. korikor pictures are the ones i look forward to . please.

P.S - night is better.

[Amod] said...

Lord,what has happened to my rock concert partner? :P
Korikor pics will be up once I've a field day!

PS- Ya, night is better. :)